Lone Star Karaoke 

"Put Yourself in the Spotlight"

Music is like therapy for the soul and it makes you feel good inside. So sing your heart out to your family and friends and let them join in on the fun and make memories that last a life time

I have upgraded my karaoke system to a Gig star 2 with lab top connections and USB port along with my 2 Mackie thump 12 1300 watts powered amp and 4 wireless microphones 

3 hours of karaoke followed by George Strait tribute show performed by Bryan Mansfield for $300.00

Karaoke/DJ Prices

2 Hours $200.00/Lights $250.00

3 Hours $300.00/Lights $350.00

4 Hours $400.00/Lights $450.00

5 Hours $500.00/Lights $550.00

6 Hours $600.00/Lights $650.00

7 Hours $700.00/Lights $750.00

8 Hours $800.00/Lights $850.00

24 Hours basic rental Vocal pro machine with lab top connections and USB port along with 2 1300 watts powered amp speakers with stands and T.V monitor along with 4 wireless microphones and 10 song books all by Artist $300.00/Lights $350.00

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